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As a distinguished part of the CEIGateway business incubator, CEI LabForce specializes in offering comprehensive laboratory technician courses.

cei LabForce

Lab Technician Mastery: Unlocking Skills and Expertise for Success in the Laboratory..

Retain Employees

by enhancing their soft and hard skills through customized learning pathways..

Up-Skill and re-skill

Your employees faster with pathways, certifications and customized course list for your organization.

Custom Learning management system

The CEI LabForce LMS platform was custom built for LabForce and the types of course’s we teach.

Sample Lab Technician Courses

Clinical Responsibilities for Regulatory Submission & Compliance

Enhance your understanding of clinical responsibilities and regulatory compliance for successful submission in this comprehensive course by CEI LabForce.

GCP Regulations, Guidance, and Informed Consent

Master GCP regulations, guidance, and informed consent protocols in this in-depth course offered by CEI LabForce, ensuring compliance and ethical practices in clinical research.

Introduction to GCP

Get introduced to the fundamentals of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in this informative course by CEI LabForce, laying the foundation for conducting ethical and high-quality clinical research.

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