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Application deadline December 15

real Revenue Growth, Guaranteed

Welcome to Traction Accelerator, where we’re all about driving real revenue growth. We’re not interested in just talking about ideas; we’re all about putting your business on the path to success. Whether you’re a startup at the beginning of your revenue journey or you’ve hit a growth plateau, we’re here to provide you with the proven tools to scale your business, mentorship from Arizona’s best, and a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs. We help you find product-market fit and make your business thrive. And here’s the exciting part – we back our approach with a money-back guarantee. Investing in your business growth is not a leap of faith; it’s a proven path to revenue growth. Join us at Traction Accelerator, let’s learn from the best, and together, we’ll turn your vision into a revenue-generating reality.

Selection Process

The Traction Accelerator is available through a Selection Process.

  • Application Submission: It all begins when you submit your application. Our advisory team at CEI reviews each application carefully.
  • Professional Interview: If your application moves forward, you’ll be invited to an interview with a panel of experienced startup professionals. They will ask questions about your business model, team, and journey.
  • Determination: The interview will be crucial in determining if you are selected to attend the Accelerator.

For those who are selected, the cost of the Accelerator is a discounted pilot rate of $1,000, which will be due before the first day of the Accelerator.

How the Accelerator Works

The Traction Accelerator has two components:

In-person bi-weekly sessions

Each session has several different sections: a learning portion,  a speaker, and a working with peers.

Virtual bi-weekly One-on-one coaching sessions

The coaching sessions will support the work you will be doing to ensure you are on track with the learning sessions that will drive traction and revenue.

This portion of the Traction Accelerator lasts for 18 weeks. On the 19th week, there will be a Demo Day to present your customer pitch deck to friends, family, and mentors.

After Demo Day, you will work with your mentor monthly for the remainder of the year and have expert sessions to dive deep into specific topics. You will also have “connection calls” with the CEI staff to ensure everything works well and revenue trends upwards.


If participants have met the criteria during the 12-month program and have not achieved revenue, you will receive a refund.

Active ParticipationParticipants must have actively engaged in the program, attending all required sessions, mentor meetings, and completing assigned tasks or milestones.
Adherence to GuidanceParticipants must have diligently followed the program’s guidance, incorporating feedback and implementing recommended strategies and tactics.
Sincere EffortParticipants should demonstrate a sincere effort towards achieving revenue growth, which includes dedicating time and resources to their business during the program.
Completion of Assigned TasksParticipants should have completed all required tasks, assignments, or objectives within the program timeline.
Measured Progress Despite not achieving revenue during the program, participants should have made demonstrable progress in terms of market validation, customer acquisition, product development, or other relevant key performance indicators.

Criteria to apply

A technology company that qualifies for all or most of the following business stages is considered a successful applicant. Applicants must commit to attending each in-person session each coaching session, to do the work involved, and to complete the year with their coach.

  • Revenue Stage
  • Viable MVP and ready for revenue within 6 months OR
  • The final product is ready to launch
  • In early revenue OR
  • Revenue has plateaued
  • Two or more people on the team
  • Have funding or proof of revenue
  • Have performed some customer validation
  • Understand your market differentiation

Accelerator Schedule

11/10/2024Understand the Traction Accelerator & Support System
31/24/2024Clarify the Problem; Talk to Customers for Validation
52/07/2024Identify Ideal Customers & Differentiated Value
72/21/2024Define Addressable Market & Competitors
93/06/2024Plan a Lean Go-to-Market with Metrics that Matter
113/20/2024Communicating Your Product Story for Customer Value
134/03/2024Build a Repeatable Sales Process & Customer Funnel
154/17/2024Unit Costs & Pricing Strategy for a Solid Business Model
175/01/2024Identify the Best Strategy & Tools to Reach Stakeholders
Share Your Customer-Focused Pitch & Your Success
Mentor Support until January 10, 2025
MonthlyEnd Date 1/10/20251-hour sessions with your coach

Additional Information

For additional information, contact Patti DuBois