The success of CEI is intricately tied to the success of our company clients. Their impact ripples far beyond the individual companies or the incubator itself.

At the core of this impact lies job creation. These companies not only hire local talent but also contribute to the growth of skills and expertise among their workforce, shaping the career trajectories of many. Additionally, these new jobs help alleviate unemployment rates and bolster the community’s overall well-being by reinvesting in the local economy through generated revenue and taxes.

As success stories emerge, such as clients securing investment capital, winning government grants, or acing local pitch contests, they draw positive attention to the region. This visibility attracts investors who begin to note the local ecosystem’s potential, resulting in increased funding to Arizona. 

Collaborations with other organizations to support startups further amplify success by enabling companies to achieve milestones more rapidly. This fosters a collaborative ethos, underscoring the belief that building successful companies truly “takes a village” or in this case a City and a State. The ripple effect is amazing. 

With that, we’re proud to share the total success of our clients from January 2013 through December 2023.

Additional Funding Success

Government Grants Earned (2014-2023)  – 34

Arizona Innovation Challenge Winners (2015-2023) – 11

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