Room Reservations

The Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation has a wide variety of resources available to clients, including space and technology for meetings, presentations, and more. CEI staff works to accommodate the needs of clients and the needs of additional public and private partners who also request to utilize CEI facilities. Please fill out the following form to request one of the available spaces.

CEI Gateway Room Request Form

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for general meeting requests and 7-10 days for larger presentations / events.

The following rooms are available for client meetings and events:

Large/Full Conference Room (12-45 people with tables/chairs): Includes audio conferencing and presentation capabilities.

Small Conference Room (5-12 people): Includes presentation capabilities

War Room (1-4 people): Includes audio conferencing and a mounted smartboard.

Think Tank (5-10 people): Includes audio conferencing, presentation capabilities, and a mounted smartboard.

The Idea Lab / Break Room (6-20 people): Includes audio conferencing and presentation capabilities.

Note: Submitting a request does not guarantee room reservation. CEI staff will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible if they cannot fulfill your request.

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