Mark Schwartz, PhD

Mark W. Schwartz, Ph.D..jpg

Dr. Schwartz is a highly-experienced biotechnology executive currently serving as Director and adviser to several biotechnology and medical device companies. He also holds an adjunct faculty position at San Jose State University with appointments in the Masters in Biotechnology Program, the Lucas School of Management in the Business College, and the department of Biology.  

Dr. Schwartz has extensive experience in financing, managing, and growing startup ventures as well as public biotechnology companies, including fund raising, executing strategic transactions, strategic planning, business development/M&A, clinical and product development. He has experience in conducting business on a worldwide basis, working with corporate, academic and non-profit partners in the US and around the world. Dr. Schwartz has held senior management, research and board positions in multiple life science industries including therapeutics, diagnostics, and research products.  Dr. Schwartz currently is a director of Targazyme Inc., serves on the advisory board of CEI in Phoenix, consults with a number of early stage and maturing life science companies.  He has served previously on the board of directors for the Biotechnology Industry Association and as an advisor for CalBio

Dr. Schwartz’s leadership has resulted in significant corporate developments including the growth and maturation of early stage startups as well as liquidity events and returns to shareholders in numerous companies.