Patti DuBois

Assistant Executive Director

Patti DuBois is a 3X entrepreneur who has advised and assisted businesses to help them grow, scale and generate profit for over a decade. Her expertise lies in strategic planning, building effective business infrastructures, and management. As the Assistant Executive Director at the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation, Patti supports the business incubator’s clients through hands-on support.

She advises founders on business strategy, provides accountability and offers timely access to subject matter experts on an ongoing basis. As a strong executor and connector, Patti works with her network to make sure her clients have the resources they need to build successful companies. Additionally, Patti contributes to the development of new programs at CEI. Most recently, she led the creation of the Validation Lab, a program designed to help founders thoroughly vet their idea to assess product-market fit, de-risk their venture, and obtain the data investors want to see for future funding.