Do you have an incredible business idea, but don’t know how to get started? Do you know how big your market is, and if it’s ready for your concept? Is it something that would capture the attention of investors?

Get answers to those questions and more when you join CEI’s Market Validation Essentials.

CEI’s Market Validation Essentials helps entrepreneurs build objective evidence to prove the value of their product to the market. Over eight weeks, you’ll gather hard data and receive mentorship from subject matter experts to make sure there’s a place in the market for your business. This research-driven approach helps you avoid the trial-and-error process that many new startups undergo, saving time and money. In this cohort, you will dive deep, collaborate with others, and conduct the due diligence to thoroughly evaluate your idea, concept, and/or business. 

Capital Cure

Walk away from this program with:

  • An understanding of your customers’ wants and needs

  • A thoroughly vetted value proposition

  • Information about how to beat the competition

  • Your market opportunity

  • Your concept’s fundability risk factors

Not only will you walk away knowing if your idea is worth pursuing, you’ll have concrete numbers to share with investors. You’ll walk away from Market Validation Essentials with information to prove that you thoroughly vetted your product from the market’s perspective and have tools to engage potential partners.

2023 Course Dates:
June 14, 2023 - August 2, 2023
September 13, 2023 - November 4, 2023

All meetings and one-on-one coaching are held virtually.

Ready to join the next cohort?

Contact Carly Figman ( for more information and future program dates.

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