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 Applying to CEI


At the heart of CEI's program are highly motivated entrepreneurs. Our clients are ready to do whatever is necessary to start their business and make an impact on their respective industries. To make sure that an applicant is a great fit for our community, they must go through an extensive screening process before getting accepted into the program. Keep reading to discover what you can anticipate after you submit your application to CEI. 


Client Selection Process


Step 1: Apply Online

Whether you're a regular at our events or you've never stepped foot in our incubator, every potential client needs to submit an application online. In addition to filling out the form, you'll need to be prepared to attach an executive summary or business plan so that our reviewers can get a strong understanding of your startup.



Step 2: Take a Tour

If your company seems like a potential match for the incubator program, our staff will invite you to take a tour. This gives you the opportunity to see if our facilities and learn more about the program.

Business Assessment

During the tour, the Center's leadership will conduct a business assessment to understand where you're at in the startup lifecycle and help us see if you'd be a good fit for the CEI community. 


Step 3: Gap Analysis

If the tour and Business Assessment go well, we will schedule a Gap Analysis Interview. During this 2-hour meeting, a business advisor will ask a series of questions to gauge the progress you've made with your startup. This helps us identify the aspects of your business that you need to work on and determine if CEI's program can support your company's development and growth.



Step 4: Selection Committee Pitch

Knowing your businesses' purpose well enough to pitch it is one of the most vital skills an entrepreneur should have. That's why it's important to see how you perform before you enter the program. 

Once you pass the Gap Analysis, our staff will help you prepare for your 10-minute pitch by providing presentation guidelines and scheduling a practice pitch session. We will work with you directly to make sure you have the best possible chance for success in front our selection committee. 


The Selection Committee

Our committee consists of 8 seasoned business executives who have backgrounds in legal, finance, technology, entrepreneurship, and more. Following your pitch, the committee members will have time to ask follow-up questions and then make a final recommendation regarding your acceptance into CEI's business incubator program.

If you have any other questions regarding our client selection process, please email us at infocei@ceigateway.com

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