Paraffin International


Deanne Montrose, founder of Paraffin International, is a successful entrepreneur in the health and beauty industry. Deanne recognized an industry-wide problem, unsanitary and messy delivery of paraffin wax treatment in the beauty salon and massage therapy industries. As a result, Deanne developed the GloveTreat solution; a unique, more effective, hygienic, and easier-to-use paraffin wax treatment.

The GloveTreat solution, patented designs and wax formulations provide more soothing and therapeutic treatments for a wide range of clients, the most famous among them including Oprah Winfrey. Paraffin will soon target the medical market and physical therapists, who will apply the GloveTreat solution for treating arthritis.

Paraffin continues to ramp up manufacturing operations in Arizona to meet the increasing demand fueled by national media exposure and newly-established distribution agreements. Paraffin is proud to have reshored their manufacturing from China to Arizona with the goal of better serving the Phoenix community and creating new jobs.