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Over 23 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and other drugs, yet under 2.5 million addicts receive care. This staggering fact is the motivation behind the iTether team’s mission to raise the standard in substance abuse treatment services. Our program engages patients early in their recovery and provides a crucial and persistent link between patients, their substance abuse counselors, and the recovery curriculum for help when they need it most. Our vision is a radical improvement in long-term recovery rates for substance abuse and addictions.

We developed a smartphone connection to patients using a data driven application that tracks and monitors specific evidence-based outcomes on the effectiveness of the treatment program. This delivers a built-in accountability system that keeps patients on track while also providing 3rd party payers with the ability to validate provider outcomes and make performance-based payments. We believe this accountability factor is the key for the long-term recovery from substance abuse. We are currently building our cloud-based platform.