DropWorks started with a challenge: putting a DNA analysis instrument into a tiny box on an unmanned submarine to catalog bacteria in the ocean. You might as well be putting the instrument on mars. Our founders answered the challenge, changing the paradigm on how digital PCR is conducted to make it low-cost, simple, and automatic. Once we solved this problem we decided this solution would work just as well on dry land as well. Now our FluxPCR is becoming an indispensible tool for bioscience discovery.

DropWorks will open a new era of research by making low-cost digital PCR more readily available for research and point-of-care diagnostics rather than being reserved for specialty applications. We are currently working with recognized research institutes and clinics to complete validation studies on our functioning prototypes. Our launch will entail building key customer relationships and supporting the adoption of FluxPCR into the existing laboratory workflow. We need support for creating the materials and media to advance the diffusion of this game-changing technology.