1.7 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury every year, 3 million Americans live with epilepsy, and 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Many of these Americans would benefit from electrical stimulation of the neurons in their nervous system to heal, or to alleviate the symptoms of these ailments. Current devices used for electrical stimulation are hard and rigid. However, the body is soft and flexible. This mismatch in mechanical properties causes the body to reject these electrodes and potentially damage the body tissue. BMSEED develops cutting-edge technology to eliminate this mismatch, significantly improving electrode-body interactions, and providing better data for therapeutic, diagnostic, and research applications, and ameliorate the lives of millions of Americans.

We have been awarded multiple federal and local research grants that empower our product development led by Dr. Oliver Graudejus and Dr. Ruben Ponce Wong. This positions our technology for use in clinical, neurological stimulation therapies for brain and spinal cord injuries, as well as for epilepsy treatments. Our impact will be immense on future research as our technology is adopted by researchers worldwide.