What happens when you combine a laser, a microscope and an infinite curiosity in solving some of the toughest questions facing cancer researchers? For bioSyntagma the answer is a device that enables researchers and drug developers to interrogate cell samples at an unprecedented level, making personalized medicine a more imminent reality. The founding team of bioSyntagma, David Richardson, Dmitry Derkach and Colleen Ziegler are driven by their motivation to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. The team strives to improve treatment experiences for those who have already been affected by this devastating disease, while simultaneously working to reduce the number of lives affected in the future.

The bioSyntagma LightStream FloCell ™ allows researchers to identify single cells of interest in tissue samples, extract that cell, and transfer its contents to a downstream collection device. The location of the target cell is preserved and linked to the collected cellular contents, so any downstream analysis methods such as qPCR and RNAseq can be correlated with the original tissue sample. The company has been awarded multiple research grants for this technology and it is quickly heading to the market in several beta projects with major pharmaceutical companies.