We believe now is the time for harmful toxic chemicals to be replaced by a new generation of eco-friendly, effective, and economical solutions to treat our water and our food. Because of this, BioNovelus intends to disrupt the agricultural use of pesticides and fungicides. The company founders, Jean and Nathalie Ekbo, have set their sights on alleviating the devastation currently being caused by ‘coffee rust’ throughout Central America where 500,000 jobs have been lost and $ 2.5 billion in crop damages incurred from 2012 to 2015 only. Coffee experts say that by 2050 arabica coffee may even disappear.

BioNovelus’ biodegradable fungicide CR-10 is proving to be highly successful in field trials in Costa Rica and Guatemala. As a result, we are effectively protecting coffee plantations from the worst effects of “coffee rust.” As soon as we complete the regulatory registration in affected countries, we will be ready to address this global emergency with an environmentally friendly product. Our company will work closely with grower cooperatives to promote the adoption of this technology and to train them in the proper application of CR10.