Beacon Biomedical

Early detection is a critical factor when it comes to the effectiveness of cancer treatment and therapy. It is Beacon Biomedical’s mission to get the right cancer screening tests to the right individuals at the right time thereby saving tens of thousands of lives each year. Beacon Biomedical’s world-class scientific and business management team focuses their energy on creating innovative blood-based screening tests for the big three cancers: breast, colorectal and lung. Soon, easy, accurate and affordable cancer screening will be available in real time from a simple finger-prick of blood.

Beacon Biomedical’s business model empowers the team to dramatically speed up the evaluation of new cancer screening products. This enables them to rapidly identify and secure the more-promising technologies. It also delivers these technologies into the market in far less time and at a lower cost. Licenses from the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute give Beacon Biomedical exclusive use of a key signaling protein used in their tests for early cancer screening and monitoring. Beacon Biomedical’s new cancer screening tests will be released initially as a CLIA compliant laboratory developed test to be followed by- FDA and CE Mark approvals.