AVA School Solutions

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For Danna Evans, the founder of AVA School Solutions, the key to improving public education is to focus on improving the support provided to classroom teachers. Too many teachers are leaving the profession simply because they are overwhelmed by the classroom management challenges they face day-to-day with little to no support, proper tools, or training. AVA has introduced two teacher-support focused products to glowing reviews from teachers, and administrators and Deer Valley Unified's Mountain Ridge District sought Danna Evans out to be their Keynote Speaker.

All Things EQ is a student behavior modification program that engages students on a daily basis to learn about and manage their behaviors in class and outside. The design of the program provides teachers with comprehensive classroom management support to implement the program with students and parents. Due to the drastic reduction in student discipline referrals and the increase in student engagement the program has spread from one pilot school to seven paying schools in last year. All things Vision and Hearing provides screening services and data analytics to ensure all students can fully participate in the classroom. It is estimated that one in four students have some form of hearing or visual impairment that goes undiagnosed.