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If there is one characteristic that’s consistent amongst all of our clients, it’s their relentless drive to build successful businesses. In fact, they’re making headlines, hitting milestones, and winning competitions so frequently that it’s even hard for us to keep up!

To make sure that their wins don’t go unrecognized, we’re launching a new, quarterly initiative to highlight their achievements. Keep reading to find a list of new clients and partners, graduating clients, and a list of everyone’s 2018 successes!



Botanisol Analytics uses patented technology from the University of Arizona to determine the molecular composition of substances, improving output, detecting and quantifying dangerous or advantageous materials quickly and efficiently. Thanks to this technology, small, portable, easy to use systems, 2,000 times more sensitive than most current commercial systems are now possible. The worldwide exclusive rights to this technology are the basis for their company.  http://botanisolanalytics.com/


Cinti Medical develops drug injection systems that speed up prep time and reduce errors for lyophilized drugs that could be life-threatening to the patient. Their intuitive solutions are more reliable than traditional drug injection systems because their product automates the mixing process to lower the chance of mistakes. https://www.cintimedical.com/


 Loadblock is a technology company that is committed to improving the lives of independent truckers and providing modern solutions to some of the fundamental challenges that face the entire transportation industry. Their proprietary blockchain based software platform facilitates the secure, transparent creation, tracking, endorsement and factoring of electronic bills of lading and invoices. 

They leverage cutting-edge technologies and automation to get more money into the hands of independent carriers faster, while simultaneously eliminating many of the obstacles, barriers, risks, and inefficiencies currently faced by shipping and factoring companies alike. Their ultimate goal is to benefit the trucking industry as a whole through the creation of incentives and opportunities that will help bolster the workforce and increase revenue for all the parties involved.


NanocheQ is on a mission to make safe, quality food accessible to everybody. In the pursuit of this goal, they’ve developed a novel platform technology, which uses aptamer-conjugated gold nanoparticles (Apt-AuNPs) that can rapidly detect and identify bacteria. Couple this technology with fluorescent analysis and machine learning, this tool can sense small molecules and proteins at the nano-scale. Due to these technological advancements, our product is faster, more versatile, and easier to use than any bacterial diagnostic on the market.

The NanocheQ MicIDᵀᴹ product line gives beverage (beer, wine, soda, water) producers a rapid, simple pipeline to ensure the safety of their products. After the testing cartridge is loaded, the sample is incubated, and a picture of the test strip is taken using a mobile phone, which delivers results and provides analytics on how to eliminate the source of contamination. At a price point of $10/test, it is cost-effective at small scales, and has been validated at large scales through a partnership with a top-ten craft brewery in the United States. The product grants all food producers, including microbiologists, brewers, and family-owned production facilities, the freedom to focus fully on perfecting taste, and optimizing production.


NanoPin has a diagnostic platform for infectious diseases that pulls targeted biomarkers directly from blood samples and greatly amplifies signal strength to rapidly detect and enable optimal treatment.  It is a powerful and versatile rapid response platform that will combat future contagions and will be initially commercialized in the tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic market, which will exceed $3 Billion by 2024 .  Unlike currently available tools, this technology provides quantified results that not only tells a patient if they have a disease, but how severe it is and how it changes over time and during treatment. 


RexPay is a mission driven, for-profit, social enterprise that is empowering patients to better manage their healthcare expenses via software and native mobile technology. They  are developing a native mobile app that will allow patients to consolidate all of their medical bills and payments in one place. The app will also help patients understand their rights and responsibility related to their healthcare expenses and act as a tool to organize their bills and payments. A later version of their app will also help patients find savings for their healthcare expenses. https://rexpay.com/



WSE is adding world-class business developers and an experienced product development team led by outstanding scientists in molecular biology and advanced assays development. WSE facilities include both professional offices and a fully equipped clinical research laboratory. Investors include global manufacturing corporations and business leaders behind some of the most successful growth stories in American business. The company’s scientific team has an international reputation and is connected with large governmental users and federal agencies, but also to international networks of cancer and radiotherapy centers and global companies. wsecorp.com


Desert Platforms Logo.png

Desert Platforms was founded in the Summer of 2012. In today’s age of medical devices the need for vision and sound advice is paramount. Desert Platforms aims to help anyone with a medical device dream or challenge realize their goals. With direct medical device manufacturing experience the team at Desert Platforms realized that companies face many challenges when it comes to innovation. They are adept at working with large clients to circumvent intra-political roadblocks while maintaining regulatory compliance to create innovative and game changing technologies. http://desertplatforms.com/


The list of exceptional technology companies started or headquartered in Arizona has slowly but steadily grown since our state’s formation in 1912. But our locally-led capital sources have not kept pace with our deal flow, exposing an unnecessary gap in early stage institutional funding for these key economic growth drivers of the Valley. The Arizona Founders Fund is on a mission to close that gap, helping our community’s pioneers of innovation build lasting enterprises.


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BMSEED was selected to Participate in MassChallenge

May 2018

Oliver Graudejus, founder of BMSEED LLC, was selected among 128 early-stage startups from more than 1,600 applications from around the world for the Boston-based event. BMSEED, which stands for BioMedical Sustainable Elastic Electronic Devices, was the only Arizona company to be selected.

Phoenix bioscience firm wins spot in Boston accelerator program Phoenix Business Journal

Announcing the 2018 MassChallenge Boston Cohort, Mass Challenge

Somatic Labs wins the AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup

April 2018

Somatic Labs pitched their product, Zorb, at the very first Hardware Cup and won the grand prize of $50,000 from the venture capital firm, StartBot.


Phoenix-based company takes Hardware Cup first prize, via Phoenix Business Journal

Haptics Startup Wins AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup Finals, The Institute

Pittsburgh-born Hardware Cup startup competition looks to continue global expansion, TribLive

Where are They Now: 2017 ASU Innovation Open Winner, Somatic Labs, Avnet

BioNovelus Receives Organic Certification for CR-10®

BioNovelus is proud to announce that its flagship product CR-10®, a non-toxic, organic fungicide has received the organic certification from Mayacert. Mayacert, the leading company in the certification of agricultural products, process, and systems, operates in the southern region of Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. For twenty years, Mayacert has been promoting certification services for small, medium and large agricultural producers, processors, and food exporters. Click here to read more about their achievement.

bioSyntagma Wins Phase I SBIR Grant

March 2018

bioSyntagma, LLC, a precision medicine company, was awarded a nearly $200,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop a new platform for mapping multi-omic biomarkers from single-cells in cancer patient biopsies. Click here to read the full press release.

bioSyntagma Wins Phase II SBIR Grant

February 2018

bioSyntagma has been has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant of $735,139.  Upon completion of the Phase I SBIR, bioSyntagma successfully demonstrated feasibility of their technology, the LightStream FloCellTM, which visually maps genetic information across a tissue in a high-throughput and automated fashion.  This technology enables their Molecular Fingerprint™ (mPrint) Platform that creates comprehensive patient profiles to match patients with relevant therapies and to prevent acquired drug resistance. Funding will be used to produce their first beta instruments by implementing their technology into a high-throughput commercial product.  They will hire additional staff to support development as well as create artificial intelligence algorithms to mine the data produced on these instruments. This will allow bioSyntagma to commercially launch their platform technology for discovery and implementation of precision medicines. Read more about the grant here.

Somatic Labs was Selected to be in Top 3 finalists for NASA’s iTech Innovation Competition

February 2018

NASA iTech is a collaborative effort to find and foster innovative solutions that aim to solve problems on Earth, and also advance technologies necessary to achieve NASA’s strategic objectives. The winning teams of entrepreneurs presented their proposed solutions to tough space technology challenges and were evaluated by NASA’s chief technologists, space industry leaders and potential investors. Click here to read the full article.

Smart Brain Aging Accepted Into Alchemist Accelerator

January 2018

SMART Brain Aging, Inc. was recently accepted into Alchemist Accelerator’s January 2018 class. Alchemist is a SF based accelerator that is affiliated with Stanford University; it has a very low acceptance rate (3-5%) and primarily serves healthcare tech companies. Click here to learn more about the Alchemist program.

Somatic Labs was selected to Compete in Venture Madness

January 2018

Somatic Labs competed in the 5th annual Venture Madness, a pitch competition that is run by Invest Southwest and the Arizona Commerce Authority.


EXCLUSIVE: See the 27 startups competing in 2018 Venture Madness competition, Phoenix Business Journal

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