CEI Playbooks

CEI Playbooks:

Your go to Startup Founder’s Guide

CEI Playbooks Empower Startup Founders with Expert Guidance. Elevate your venture’s potential with actionable strategies and valuable insights tailored to the unique challenges of entrepreneurship.

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CEI Founders HR Playbook

Download the CEI HR Playbook now and equip yourself with the answers you need to be successful with your employees.

CEI Marketing Playbook

Marketing starts now! Don’t delay on your marketing efforts. Download the CEI Marketing playbook for answers to your marketing questions.

CEI Founders Investor Data Playbook

Coming Soon: The CEI Investor Data Playbook – Your essential resource for understanding the deep dive data investors expect companies to know about their industry, customers, and business.

Founders Employee Checklist Playbook

Download the CEI Founders Employee Checklists Playbook now and equip yourself with a simple on-boarding checklist you need to be successful with all your employees.