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CEI LabForce

Prepare your workforce for the careers of tomorrow.

Courses for every level and role in your organization.

CEI LabForce offers a wide range of courses to keep your team’s skills up-to-date and current. Discover how our broad curriculum catalog, state-of-the-art facility, and custom Learning Management System can support your organization's training needs.  

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Room Rentals

Located in Downtown Phoenix, our training site has flexible space to fit your training needs.

Grow and Retain Your People

CEI LabForce offers a range of online, and hybrid learning courses for every type of organization. Marketing, leadership, management, lab and manufacturing technicians, quality systems managers, process managers and and so much more. See below for information and to learn more.

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Train and Support Your Whole Organization.

  • Provide courses to your team of in-demand soft and hard skills
  • Drive up to date training throughout your entire organization
  • Use your courses to retain your top talent and to grow your business over all

Engage, onboard and retain your workforce.

  • Support your team members and encourage them to grow their expertise with your organization
  • High return investment in your employees growth and development
  • Partner with our LabForce team to build learning pathways for all departments within your organization


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Launch and grow with a learning solution that grows with you.

  • Encourage learning while monitoring team member progress, analyze learning data, see actionable insights
  • Enterprise level “learning management system” that is scalable with your organization
  • All courses are built and customizable to fit your organization's learning initiatives   


Course Catalog

Choose from thousands of courses that will align with your organization and most importantly our pre-built courses will be embraced by each member of your staff. 


Every single one of our LabForce courses is led by subject matter experts to help your teams to stay current and achieve certifications that they can celebrate on their LinkedIn profiles.

Workflow integrations

We will make sure our Learning Management System and courses will integrate into your existing workflows and technology.  Ensuring your team's learning is not disrupted in any way. 

Learning Pathways

The LabForce team can curate learning pathways composed of many different courses to ensure learning engagement by all your team members.


Gain real-time insights into learning pathway activities and progress.  These insights will allow you to know when to provide some encouragement, identify any learning trends, and track overall team progress.

User Management

Designated Admins can easily create users and user groups, remove users, order new courses and assemble learning pathways. Monitor overall progress and usability and progress down to the user level.

CEI LabForce Sample Course Sheet