Meet our Clients

Medical diagnostic device company that creates easy, accurate, and affordable blood tests for earlier cancer detection.

Medical device design, engineering, and product management services to companies seeking support with product development.

Coating made with phase-change materials that can be applied to interior and exterior walls to insulate buildings.

Real-time alerts and dashboards delivered through existing channels or APIs to existing systems.

Manufacturer of RenoVō®, an equine amniotic tissue allograft intended to supplement and protect tissues.

Nanotechnology based non-toxic, anti-corrosive, anti-bacterial, and anti-scratch industrial coatings that require no mixing.

Develops high-quality, supply-stable, and affordable human-derived biomaterials for regenerative medicine therapies.

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Treatment for recalcitrant constituents across many vertical markets, including PFAS in water and wastewater.

Revolutionary nanotechnology delicately removes just the alcohol molecule from drinks. Creating new opportunities for beverage makers without sacrificing their craft.

H2Optics Insights

Innovative optical fiber technologies for biofilm control on surfaces in air, water, or biomedical applications.

Efficacious, cost-effective, plant-produced vaccines and antibody therapeutics.

ImmunoShield Therapeutics is developing approaches to prevent the immune rejection of cell therapies, eliminating the need for damaging and toxic immunosuppressants.

Developed innovative patented technologies to protect and restore both drinking water and polluted surface waters, regardless of salinity.