Less than 1% of startups raise angel or venture capital and of that small group, not even half manage to raise a second round.

So what makes that select group of startups stand out from the pack? Beyond a good pitch, a company needs to prove its strong foundation with the potential to grow at the rate investors are looking for.

CEI’s Capital Cure workshop will help you understand how to build and execute a strategic fundraising plan with the necessary milestones for investment, giving you the competitive edge you need to seal the deal. 

This workshop, developed by Mark Schwartz, PhD, draws from his extensive career as an investor, serial entrepreneur and business leader who has scaled startups through profitable liquidation events. He brings you to the other side of the table to look at fundraising from an investor’s point of view. 


“The investor series produced by CEI provides hands-on valuation practice and golden nuggets of wisdom from serial entrepreneurs. A great course for those who are starting their fundraising journey or those who are struggling to close the deal!”

Rahul R. Rao P.E.
CEO, Desert Platforms MDC

In this 4-session workshop, you’ll get access to information and materials that will support a successful fundraising campaign and learn:

Your Business

  • How to thinking about your business in the same terms as an investor

  • How are valuations determined?

  • Defining value inflection point for your business

The Investor

  • Why do investors invest?

  • Venture capital: who are investors and how are their investments structured?

  • How are the investors different from each other?

  • What investors are looking for in a company 

  • How do investors make money?

  • Building your investor profiles

The Business Plan

  • What are your milestones?

  • What are your value inflection points?

  • How much money do you need? What is the timing?

  • Your company expectations, your trajectory, and your exit plan

  • What is your business plan, and does it align with your expectations?

  • Your strategic options: equity financing, licensing, debt, and more


  • How are valuations derived?

  • How to calculate a valuation for your company

Financial Structures

  • Equity round Term Sheet: preferred and common shares; anti-dilution, voting rights, board seats, other rights

  • Convertible note term sheet: general terms, covenants, default, pros & cons

  • Safe note: terms & conversion mechanics

  • Licensing – overview

Investor Readiness

  • Steps before you reach out to investors: key elements & finding a lawyer 

  • The pros & cons of investment bankers and agents

The Meeting

  • Investor profiling, your first email, how to get the meeting, and how to prepare for it

Post Financing

  • Techniques to manage your board of directors, how to communicate with your investors, and how to keep the company prepared for the next financing

Plus, you’ll gain exclusive access to the Capital Cure Workbook, a digital and physical asset full of useful worksheets to plan your fundraising campaign and track your progress.

About Mark Schwartz, PhD

Mark Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz is a highly-experienced executive currently serving as Director and adviser to several companies. He also holds an adjunct faculty position at San Jose State University with appointments in the Masters in Biotechnology Program, the Lucas School of Management in the Business College, and the department of Biology.  

Dr. Schwartz has extensive experience in financing, managing, and growing startup ventures as well as public companies, including fundraising, executing strategic transactions, strategic planning, business development/M&A, clinical and product development.  Dr. Schwartz currently is a director of Targazyme Inc., serves on the advisory board of CEI in Phoenix, consults with a number of early stage and maturing life science companies. 

Dr. Schwartz’s leadership has resulted in significant corporate developments including the growth and maturation of early stage startups as well as liquidity events and returns to shareholders in numerous companies.

 Is the Capital Cure right for you?

Contact CEI’s Assistant Executive Director, Patti DuBois, by email at dubois@ceigateway.com or by phone at (602) 286-8948 with questions about the program.

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