Via Heartbeat Bracelet Launches on Kickstarter

Phoenix, AZ, November 6, 2013 - Brilliant Biometrics launches its first product, the Via Heartbeat Bracelet, through Kickstarter, a new way in funding creative projects. The Via Heartbeat Bracelet combines advanced technology, with a beautiful design, to create an innovative wearable tech product that lets you know you are “in the zone.”

The Via Heartbeat Bracelet receives your heart rate signal from any Bluetooth chest strap transmitter and glows when you’re in your target heart rate, allowing you to adjust your workout pace in real-time. For each target zone, the Via Heartbeat Bracelet will change colors using Micro RGB LED technology. It allows you to optimize your workout to obtain the maximum cardiovascular benefits without interruption.

“When I first came up with the idea, it was because I accidently fell while running and trying to program my digital heart rate monitor. As a semiconductor engineer, and a serial entrepreneur, I knew there had to be a solution to a problem many of us experience when exercising,” said Dr. Brenda McCaffrey, founder and CEO of Brilliant Biometrics. “Our team is very excited to bring this concept to reality with our prototype.”   

Working on the principle of calm technology and providing real-time feedback to the user, the Via Heartbeat Bracelet is designed to stay comfortably in place throughout your workout. It automatically syncs to your individual heart rate zones entered through the Brilliant Biometrics website.

According to the BrightFocus Foundation, results of a study show that the risk of Alzheimer's disease was 35 to 40 percent lower in those who exercised for at least 15 minutes three or more times a week.

“We believe real-time knowledge of your target heart rate can have a significant impact on your workout routine. Just a little bit more effort and you are in the zone, feeling great, and thinking more clearly,” continued McCaffrey. 

How do I Get One?

Be one of the first people to own a Via Heartbeat Bracelet through its Kickstarter launch program. The wearable technology is scheduled to be delivered in July 2014.

About Brilliant Biometrics

Brilliant Biometrics is dedicated to developing wearable technology that enhances the well-being of individuals and communities. We are a diverse and creative team of engineers, industrial designers, artists, psychologists and exercise enthusiasts. After experimenting with many exercise heart rate monitors, we realized that it is actually very difficult to get real-time information about your heart rate while you exercise – without landing face-first on the trail while you push buttons and try to read your receiver device. We believe that real-time knowledge of your target heart rate can have a great motivating effect on your workout routine.

About the Founder

Dr. Brenda McCaffrey, PhD, is an electrical engineer, semiconductor device physicist and successful tech entrepreneur. Dr. McCaffrey recently completed the advanced management program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She believes in the ability of each individual to live fully and brilliantly, and loves the idea of merging technology with beautiful design. She’s been working on the concept for the Via Heartbeat Bracelet for the past three years, and is building a dynamic company of smart and creative people with very diverse abilities and backgrounds. 

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