PHR+ and iHealth Align for Better Health Management

PHR Plus, based out of our own Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) at GateWay Community College, announces a strategic partnership with the health and wellness device manufacturer, iHealth from Mountain View, Calif. PHR Plus empowers people and companies to take control of their health through its software platform.

PHR Plus’ puts people in control of their health by providing them a single, integrated solution where they can keep track of all their fitness, health, and medical information. This includes data obtained from fitness devices, biometric data from body-weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, blood glucose monitors, and other devices; and information from hospital and physician patient portals.

The partnership with iHealth fits seamlessly into the PHR Plus model since iHealth provides the best connected health devices on the market to help people manage their health, according to Kyle Anderson, PHR Plus co-founder & CEO.

”We are very excited for our partnership with iHealth. This aligns perfectly with our vision to put individuals in control of all of their health information, and power population health programs,” said Anderson. “iHealth shares our vision and makes the best connected health products on the market.”

iHealth’s personal healthcare products connect to the cloud to allow consumers to more accurately measure, track and share a full range of health vitals. Millions of people around the world use and love their iHealth devices that include blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, body analysis scales, fitness trackers and much more.

The information from iHealth, when combined with patient portal medical data, together with PHR Plus’ ability to integrate 200+ devices work to promote personal connected health. PHR Plus and iHealth are looking forward to working together to jointly address population health, chronic disease management, and corporate wellness by partnering with health plans and other healthcare stakeholders to increase their reach while improving patient engagement.

PHRPlus and iHealth showcased their technology and new partnership at the Personal Connected Health Conference on Dec. 11 -14 in Washington DC.