Phoenix Entrepreneurs Should Be Sweating from the Summer Grind, not its Heat


The summer is upon us here in Arizona. With record-high temperatures hitting us this past weekend - including the earliest date in our state's history for 115-degrees - the heat is definitely on. But it’s also a chance for you to make moves for your business if you choose.

I watch a lot of local entrepreneurs pack up and head north (or west or east) in what amounts to their version of an athlete’s “off-season.” Vacations are great and all, and getting out for a weekend or even a week is perfectly acceptable. But I’m also here to advise you not to make it a habit this summer. Don’t use the heat as an excuse to flatline your business, even if only temporarily. While everybody is away for the summer, use it to - as the incomparable Gary Vee might say - flat out hustle. That doesn’t mean you need to burn yourself completely out, especially if it’s direction-less drive, because that will not do anybody any good, but you can be relentless. After all we are a state that breeds workhorses right?

So propel your company forward in whatever ways you can. Give the snowbirds and your other entrepreneur friends a reason to return and say “Damn! You were busy this summer,” because you were, and it showed. Nothing is so easily gained in the startup game - the countdown to boom or bust is always on - so why would you want to waste a single second of it?

As a business incubator professional, I personally have seen too much of it. Entrepreneurs who appear to take the easy road out of town, and myself wondering if they are even out there working on their business during business hours - much less burning any midnight oil. I can’t help but question if their hearts are really into it. I have also seen those working on the wrong things and therefore spinning their wheels. Neither are good options.

On the other hand, I see companies that do nothing but grind on all the right things...every single day. I watch the savvy moves that Tuft & Needle makes to cement their presence and authority within their industry as well as the #yesphx community. I pay close attention to clients of ours like one who recently raised a seed round and will use the summer to add new staff, re-shore manufacturing and set the path for commercializing into another industry later this year. These are the companies that make me take notice, and I do notice. We all do. They are the ones making sh!t happen.



Tuft & Needle's "Phx Built" campaign has put a spotlight on the city's entrepreneurial opportunities.

You might be asking: How do you know what the “right” things are? Well it certainly will depend on your needs for the business and/or your own professional development. If you’re running a startup, you could get out of your office or garage and talk to more potential customers; you could join one of the many Phoenix incubators or accelerators; you could plug yourself into the #yesphx community and start networking your butt off in a purposeful way like our friend Mary Juetten recently wrote. Perhaps all of the above and numerous other opportunities.

The point is: whether you remain static or in motion this summer, you’re going to sweat either way. So you might as well keep moving.

Greg BullockComment