A Note to My Startup Friends: Why I Believe in Miracles


For the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to visit New York City in December and experience the iconic landmarks and locales of one of our nation’s most wonderful cities. I even traversed the magical “34th Street” with its fictional history as memorable as any other holiday tale. Indeed, there is something truly surreal about New York in the winter. And it is inspires this message to all my entrepreneur friends out there: celebrate the amazing things that you make possible.

The fact is: MIRACLES happen every single day right here at the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) in Phoenix, Arizona and so many other places in the #yesphx community. They happen when one of our entrepreneurs shares the conviction of his or her startup story and takes home a big investment or grant that literally is the difference between survival and failure. They happen when, through the lens of a microscope, the next great innovation that improves the personal health and lives of our people is born or advanced. They happen when a devoted community of supporterssurround a company with its collective resources, skills and abilities to propel it forward into a new era of success. They happen when the gap between “I can’t” and “I will” becomes as thin as the pencil shavings left on the napkin sketch of a prototype.

These are miracles, my friends. Don’t discount them in the grand scheme of bigger plans and busy schedules. Entrepreneurship is not this overly-romanticized journey to prosperity whereby every brick is perfectly laid out before your feet. Starting and growing a company is ugly, and often thankless, work. A daily grind that pits your willpower and endurance against historical data that is hard to ignore. But when it succeeds, it is something special. And through it all, we share the journey with you. When you fall...we experience the pain. When you ring the bell...we amplify the noise. We are your biggest dreamers, followers, and champions. We believe in you.

So take a moment to soak in every time you could have thrown in the towel but chose instead to absorb your lessons on the chin and fight on. The victories, no matter how minor, are all part of the story. In short, admire the miracles that you have created this past year. Enjoy them with your families, your friends, your teams, and your supporters. And let’s go make a lot more of them in 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

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