Smartboard Tuesdays: The Day Jay Baer Shared Youtility


"Just be truly, inherently useful..."

That was the advice from renowned author, marketing speaker and coach Jay Baer when he visited CEI in 2013 and was the featured guest on our regular video series, Smartboard Tuesdays.

In the presentation, Jay talks about the principle of YOUTILITY which means providing good content to your customers, and consequently they will keep your company "close" in the sense that they will follow you on your social channels, read your emails and blogs, and basically give your business time and attention in their otherwise busy days.

What are the three facets of Youtility? According to Jay, it is 1) Providing self-serve information 2) Answering every question and 3) Offering real-time relevancy. 

Watch the full episode of Smartboard Tuesdays featuring Jay Baer below:

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