CEI Client, Energy Conservation Management, Reaches Million Dollar Revenue Mark

PHOENIX, Ariz. – December 11, 2014 –Energy Conservation Management, Inc. (ECM), a portfolio company of the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI), is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the energy efficiency arena and now has a new milestone to celebrate: one million dollars in gross revenue.

ECM manufactures the ECM Draft Regulator (EDR), a device that is installed into flue stacks of industrial boilers, creating backpressure that keeps the heat in the boiler longer, thus producing more steam. This allows companies to turn down the gas, thus reducing fuel bills and emissions.

CEO Tommy Andrews credits the cohesiveness and dedication of the startup company’s small team – which includes CFO/COO Tom Lagerhausen, Director of Engineering (CEM) Ed Sanchez and Vice President of Operations Casey Walters – for ECM’s early success.

“Building a startup in the technology sector is like riding a roller-coaster, with periodic ups and downs. It took about a year to fine tune the technology so it could be commercialized successfully,” he said. “We are constantly pushing each other to get things done, to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.”

By holding contracts with household names such as Tyson Foods, Dignity Health, and the Army National Guard along with large ethanol plants in the Midwest, ECM is poised to scale well beyond the growth it has experienced the past last year.

“We are now installing our fifth ethanol plant this year, and we have several planned for the next two years,” Andrews disclosed.

CEI Executive Director Jeff Saville celebrates the ECM team and the incubator company's achievement of one million dollars in revenue    

CEI Executive Director Jeff Saville celebrates the ECM team and the incubator company's achievement of one million dollars in revenue


Entering CEI’s incubation program as a pre-revenue startup company, ECM has been a client for nearly a year and a half, taking advantage of the Phoenix-based business incubator’s onsite business development resources as well as its emerging prototyping services in their path to one million dollars in revenue.

“This is what it’s about,” said CEI Executive Director Jeff Saville. “Here is a company led by dedicated entrepreneurs, committing their own passions and expertise to solve a pressing industrial problem, and building it from the ground up.”

For more information about ECM, visit www.ceigateway.com/clients/ecm.


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