Knowledge Interviews with Cloud Campus Improve Productivity and Onboarding

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Job turnover, including major reorganizations, lets organizational knowledge walk out the door and cost thousands of dollars per employee. Exit interviews are not enough.

Studies indicate the cost of turnover is approximately one fifth of a full time workers annual salary. That is a $10K event for a $50K per year job. Turnover cost includes productivity loss in the organization during the transition, hiring and training cost, and reduced productivity during the new employee’s ramp up.Video Overview

inKumo, Inc.has launched an automated video interview suite called Cloud Campus™. The new solution is designed to increase employee productivity and reduce onboarding time. Video of Launch Event

With Cloud Campus™ learning materials, or knowledge artifacts, are created as employees perform scheduled activities. Organizations retain key knowhow when employees move up or move on. The best new artifacts can immediately be used to increase productivity for everyone in the department by training and cross-training current employees. When turnover does occur, Cloud Campus™ clients have a library of knowledge artifacts ready to accelerate onboarding.

The user experience is similar to participating in a web meeting. Cloud Campus™ was designed for job based knowledge retention, but its unique combination of features, easy customization and low price point makes it the definitive platform for almost any automated interview application.

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