Whether you’re an employer who needs to keep your team’s skills up-to-date or an individual who wants training to get into a new field, CEI LabForce offers a wide range of programs to support your training needs. 

LabForce partners with industry-leading training providers to curate a best-in-class curriculum in the areas of clinical skills, quality systems, bioscience lab skills, regulatory compliance and entrepreneurial leadership. Our employer-focused learning management system delivers a customized curriculum to meet your specific training needs.

Quality Systems and Regulatory Compliance

Making sure your employees know proper document processes, procedures, and policies is essential to the operation and success of your growth. Regardless of their role in the company, your staff should understand regulatory requirements to meet your industry’s standards and your customer’s expectations. 

We make it easy for you to train and certify your workforce, so that your business can meet performance objectives that rely on effective and efficient systems. 


Professional Development

Providing learning opportunities that support your team’s growth doesn’t just benefit them as individuals, it impacts every aspect of your business. Specializing in professional development for workers in the life sciences, CEI LabForce has created curriculums that strengthen the skills of your employees in technical and non-technical roles. Whether they’re just getting started in the industry, work outside of the lab but need some science know-how, or want to sharpen their interpersonal skills, we have training to support their needs.


Entrepreneurial Development

The Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation has long-standing roots in life science startup support, and our goal is to meet founders where they’re at. To that effect, CEI LabForce has developed a full curriculum that supports entrepreneurs through the early stages of founding a business. These six key courses will cover everything to making sure your idea is wanted in the market, to building a team that will champion your growth. You can learn more about what is currently offered here.


CEI LabForce Sample Course Sheet

What does your workforce need to thrive in the industry?

No matter your company size or training needs, CEI LabForce has programming to give your employees skills and certifications to excel in the bioscience field. Fill out our form for a personalized assessment and to learn more about our course offerings.