The contamination of groundwater is a serious issue and one that affects communities all over the world. In Arizona, a startup, OXbyEL Technologies, is stepping up to the plate to help address the problem.

The company is developing a low-cost, continuous flow-through method to electrochemically mineralize PFAS, a class of toxic chemicals that are commonly found in industrial wastewater with no secondary waste.

OXbyEL’s technology offers a more cost-effective and efficient solution compared to current electrochemical processes, which use expensive electrodes and have long treatment times and low energy efficiencies. With the support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Small Business Innovation Research (EPA SBIR) program, OXbyEL is working on a scalable, single-pass reactor that can treat a large volume of water without the need for large tanks or long wait times.

OXbyEL is also preparing to field-test a pilot Electrolyzer to mineralize PFAS and co-contaminants in groundwater at a US Air Force Base. The base has been contaminated with firefighting foam, which has led to high levels of PFAS contamination in the groundwater.

The importance of this type of technology cannot be overstated. An environmentally friendly solution to PFAS contamination in groundwater is a significant step forward in protecting our planet and our health.

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