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We have new clients that we’d like you to meet. And, our clients are doing the work of bringing new innovations to the marketplace. CEI is thrilled to celebrate their accomplishments during 2021. We applaud their tenacity, courage, and hard work and we want to share the awards, funding, and more that they have garnered. Watch our video, or scroll on to learn more!

CEI Welcomes New Clients



Changing the world of adult beverages.

H2Optic Insights Logo - Color

H2Optic Insights

Creating optical fiber technology for water treatment in space.

Learn more here: https://h2opticinsights.com/

Dx4Liver logo


Creating a test to solve the expensive and difficult to diagnose biliary atresia in infants.



A technology platform that can help you collect first-party data from visitors to your site and retarget specific visitors with ads, content, and more.

Learn more here: Granularity.co

And Welcome back into the CEI Family…


FlexBio Tech 

Low-cost at home biomarker-guided  medical diagnostic self-tests.

Learn more here: https://flexbiotech.mystrikingly.com/

Our Client Successes

Awards & Accolades

Equus Innovation

Won the Grand Champion, FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

Learn more here: renovoequine.com.       

Three CEI companies,  BMSEED, EnKoat and ReSuture advance to the semifinals for the Arizona Innovation Challenge.

BMSEED - Logo - Full Name - Horizontal


The only physiologically relevant in vitro platform.

Learn more here: bmseed.com.


A coating with thermal regulating additives designed to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Learn more here: enkoat.com


Modular trainers with unparalleled realism for surgical training.

  • Wins Arizona Innovation Challenge for 2021!
  • AZ Ino Under 25 – ReSuture makes the cut 

Learn more here: resuture.com

Development & Presentations


Presents as subject matter expert at the Western Coatings Symposium

Learn more here: enkoat.com


Accepted into the Mayo Clinic MedTech Accelerator

Learn more here:  resuture.com



Selected to exhibit at the Vizient Innovative Tech Exchange

  • Acquires Phoenix Technology Group – the leading provider of advanced ophthalmic imaging devices that screens for the leading cause of blindness in premature infants.

Learn more here: theneolight.com

Funding, Partnerships & Expansion


Wins $419K SBIR

Learn more here: bmseed.com.

OxByEl Logo 2020OxByEl

  • Wins Phase II grand with U.S. Airforce 
  • Solving the PFAS water contamination  crisis in one clean, affordable step.

Learn more here: oxbyel.com

Beacon Horizontal

Beacon Biomedical

Partners with SonoraQuest marketing for their BeScreened – CRC colon cancer blood screen test.

Learn more here: beaconbiomedical.com/about-bescreened-crc


  • Expands into Japanese bioink markets through agreement with Funakoshi.
  •  Develops and provides affordable,  supply-stable, and high quality human-derived  biomaterials for researchers to innovate regenerative medicine therapies to address debilitating diseases and  improve the quality of life for patients.

Learn more about the company at humabiologics.com


Desert Platforms

Receives their first patent for a medical device

Learn more here: desertplatforms.com.



Acquires a Phoenix Technology Group (https://phoenixtech.com/), the leading provider of advanced ophthalmic imaging devices.

Learn more about the company here.  https://prn.to/3JTAMOX

visual liveVisual Live 3D

Acquired by Unity.

Learn more here: https://bwnews.pr/3GoPDPv



Acquired by BioRad

Learn more about the company here.  https://bit.ly/3zEcUu2

Thanks for reading!

We’d love to connect with you about any of our exciting initiatives. May 2022 bring you health, peace, and much success!

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