Somatic Labs


The Somatic Labs team is pushing the boundaries for human-computer interaction by exploring the human sense of touch, allowing you “feel” information through innovative haptic technologies. The three founders of Somatic Labs are discovering and revealing to the world the human brain’s ability to accommodate new streams of information. This is achieved through a unique interface design and human factors research.

The successful product to be released is called Moment. It’s a smartphone-linked wearable device that translates a phone’s information into finely tuned vibrations felt on a person’s wrist. For example, “Who’s calling?”, “Which direction is home?”, and “What time is it?” The answers to these and other questions are delivered as “haptic pulses” felt as they move patterns across the skin. The team’s passion for designing a fashionable wearable device incorporates cutting-edge research and exceptional software. Going forward, Somatic Labs will explore how their haptic technologies will aid the blind and visually impaired to better navigate with greater confidence and awareness.

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