• Mentors

CEI offers its clients the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best people in their industry for information, advice and guidance. These mentors have been selected based on their expertise and ability to guide others in their field. Their variety of skills offer start-ups and developing companies valuable information to assist their businesses’ continued growth. CEI clients receive pro-bono time periodically from these mentors as one of the perks of being a CEI client.

Our Mentors Directory

Expertise and experience in the following areas is available to our clients: 

• Accounting • Angel and Venture Capital • Business Strategy • Corporate Law • Engineering • Export and International Sales • FDA Regulatory Compliance • Finance • Government Contracting • Graphic Design • Human Resources • Intellectual Property • IT, Web Development and Design • Management Information Systems • Manufacturing • Market Research • Marketing • PR/Media Relations • Real Estate and Commercial Lending • Sales • Social Media