Logos and Brand Standards

The logos, official colors, and fonts support the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation brand. These elements strengthen the communication of our mission and message, as well as provides a familiar visual relationship between our audiences and CEI. Download and review our brand standards.

Graphic Standard Guidelines
  • A CEI logo must be on everything produced by the incubator for both internal and external communication purposes.
  • All materials, whether for print or on screen use, must maintain the integrity of the CEI brand.
  • The official CEI logo is the only graphic identity mark that will be used to represent the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation.
  • When used along with partner, sponsor, or outside organization logos, the CEI logo should always be the same size as the other logos, and be placed on the publication in an equally prominent position.
  • Logos may not be used against textured/patterned/busy backgrounds that compromise the mark readability.
CEI Logos

CEI Logo Color

Full Color | Alternate | Black

CEI Logo Horizontal Color

Full Color | Alternate | Black