• Become a Client

Become a Client

CEI helps you take your business further than you ever thought possible. Upon graduation, client companies can experience any number of milestones through their participation in the CEI incubation program, including, but not limited to:

  • Generation of positive revenue streams
  • Commercialization, both domestic and/or international, of technology/product
  • Creation of high-wage positions, hiring on a full- and/or part-time basis
  • Acquisition or merger with a larger corporation

While you retain all decision-making authority and CEI takes no equity stake in your company, the center’s resources and amenities exist to help you accomplish the goals for your business.


Although each potential client company identifies different paths to success through our program, most begin the same way: a simple tour. Please provide a few details about you and your business by filling out the form on this page. CEI staff will follow up with you shortly to schedule a tour and discuss the requirements of the incubation program further.


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Phone: 602.286.8955