• Vision Mission Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values


To seek a thriving and sustainable regional economy driven by innovative local entrepreneurs and a competitive start-up ecosystem


To provide relevant, timely and targeted support for early stage technology-oriented companies in the creation of quality, high-paying jobs


We are all about our clients
We support the entrepreneurs taking all the risk in pursuit of their dreams. Their business is our business, and it is our role to provide the right resources to help them grow responsibly and create a lasting impact for the city and region.

We raise the bar
We hold our staff, our clients and our program to high standards of performance and quality in order to be recognized as a leader within the entrepreneurial community. The CEI name, brand and incubation program should be synonymous with excellence.

We take no equity
We believe our entrepreneurs should hold the destiny of their business in their own hands. We assist startups in securing funding but believe strongly that they should retain as much equity as possible in their business.

We strive for relevance
We recognize and reward innovation in an effort to remain relevant in our industry. Our services and resources adapt to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the entrepreneurial community as a whole.

We value education
We teach our entrepreneurs best practices for operating a business, with the right mix of knowledge and experience targeted for their specific industry niche, but we do not make any decisions for them. We also leverage the resources of the Maricopa County Community College District to support our clients and grow student entrepreneurs.